I have learned that that there are many regulations made by the government on irrigation .
For example the amount of water and for how long you can leave the water on. My prospective has changed because I have always thought that water can only be beneficial to the land excluding Plants I did not think that something like sprinklers and stuff related to irrigation can and has Caused floods in some country’s. My improvements have bine more linked to improving my original design called Water distributing equalizer .

 My greatest resource thus far has bine a book called irrigation and
nature because it has more information then what it is supposed  to be  focused on.
The question that I still have is that am i going to be able to finish this project on time?
My next step is to sketch  the design and how it is going to be like and I can do that
with some good old research. My biggest challenge has bine the design and 
all the different components my design must contain. I hop to make the most complex project
and most successful and use full in the class because genies hour is every day for me .                                                        

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