I chose this topic to learn and explore how plants and vegetables are affected by
the amount of water given to them. I hope to resolve this problem that
many farmers have faced. I have learned that the amount of water given to
plants is determined by age, the size of the stem, how rich the soil is and of course
the type of plant or vegetable. The concepts that I have learned are based on the ways of irrigation. There is one new idea that I have found most interesting and might use for the future that it is a good idea to give plants and vegetables more water when they are small then when they are big and fully developed. I think the most improvement that I have made is not linked to my project but linked to enhancing my computer skills. My greatest source of information came from a book called “Irrigation and Nature” because it provided more information then what it was supposed to be focused on. Here is one question that I still have how can I come up with a solution that can give plants and vegetables the amount of water they deserve because many farmers have had trouble with this based on their unequal ways of distributing water systems. My next step is to resolve the problem and I will help myself with some research for some good ideas and come up with the rest. My biggest challenge has been struggling with research on my topic because the computer is not all knowing. My greatest hope is to resolve this problem faced by many farmers and have theeeee! outstanding presentation of all time. happy smile


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