There are many types of mechanics from a motor mechanic all the way to an air craft mechanic but all have the same concept and idea.
The wage also varies depending on the employer and the type of mechanic from
wages like 12 dollars  per hour all the way the way to wages up to 35 dollars an hour. Working as a mechanic is usually hands on but most of the work asks for using
your brain and some experience. Working as a mechanic can be a fast paced environment at times can be very loud and at times can be the quietest place around. There are many different degrees for a mechanic and the  most likely to get a job are those how have a diploma to obtain this you must follow up your education, the path you take might vary but at the end you have to have a high school education for you to proceed on to post secondary. Employment of a mechanic is expected to grow 9 percent from 2010 to 2020. Did you know it takes a mechanic three to four years for them to be fully experienced and  did you know you probably can  get a job all over Canada which Is useful unlike some jobs.

I am interested In this career because I want to do what I love and be able to get some good money. This job can be described as a burger the inner goodness represents hands on work and being able to use your hand to make and fix different objects, I see my self characterized by this because I have always had a magnetic desire fore this type of work, and for the outer bun being able to use your brain and figure things out witch I must say I am fairly good at. My main concern is that I might not find the job suitable for me and end up wasting both time and money. I see myself as a successful worker whether it might be a mechanic a doctor, engineer or what ever might cross my path in the bright future because if I try hopefully it will be all right not saying I believe I can fly.


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