I have learned new concepts to do with mechanical manufacture and designing.
 My prospective has changed in the area of the complication of designing. I want
my product to meet the costumer’s needs. I have improved my skills by reading books
and researching the area of design. My greatest resource has been a book that I got from
the library on drafting and designing called force. I am still questioning what my final design will
look like. My next step is to keep working on the design. I plan to undergo the process by getting help from my good friend Mr. book and doing researching on this topic of irrigation on the internet.

My biggest challenge is figuring out how I am going to designee my irrigation system to 
work affectively with no leaks and properly timed I also want to have my home made irrigation system equally distribute  the water without giving too much on one side and to little on the other side. I hope  to be able to finish this project on Time ,effectively working, no problems , distributes equal
water to both vegetables and grass,  long lasting design ,attracting design topping 
out all the other designs that have bine made and finally having an outstanding project
from every buddy.


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