I have learned new concepts to do with mechanical manufacture and designing.
 My prospective has changed in the area of the complication of designing. I want
my product to meet the costumer’s needs. I have improved my skills by reading books
and researching the area of design. My greatest resource has been a book that I got from
the library on drafting and designing called force. I am still questioning what my final design will
look like. My next step is to keep working on the design. I plan to undergo the process by getting help from my good friend Mr. book and doing researching on this topic of irrigation on the internet.

My biggest challenge is figuring out how I am going to designee my irrigation system to 
work affectively with no leaks and properly timed I also want to have my home made irrigation system equally distribute  the water without giving too much on one side and to little on the other side. I hope  to be able to finish this project on Time ,effectively working, no problems , distributes equal
water to both vegetables and grass,  long lasting design ,attracting design topping 
out all the other designs that have bine made and finally having an outstanding project
from every buddy.

           I have learned that that there are many regulations made by the government on irrigation .
For example the amount of water and for how long you can leave the water on. My prospective has changed because I have always thought that water can only be beneficial to the land excluding Plants I did not think that something like sprinklers and stuff related to irrigation can and has Caused floods in some country’s. My improvements have bine more linked to improving my original design called Water distributing equalizer .

 My greatest resource thus far has bine a book called irrigation and
nature because it has more information then what it is supposed  to be  focused on.
The question that I still have is that am i going to be able to finish this project on time?
My next step is to sketch  the design and how it is going to be like and I can do that
with some good old research. My biggest challenge has bine the design and 
all the different components my design must contain. I hop to make the most complex project
and most successful and use full in the class because genies hour is every day for me .                                                        
 I chose this topic to learn and explore how plants and vegetables are affected by
the amount of water given to them. I hope to resolve this problem that
many farmers have faced. I have learned that the amount of water given to
plants is determined by age, the size of the stem, how rich the soil is and of course
the type of plant or vegetable. The concepts that I have learned are based on the ways of irrigation. There is one new idea that I have found most interesting and might use for the future that it is a good idea to give plants and vegetables more water when they are small then when they are big and fully developed. I think the most improvement that I have made is not linked to my project but linked to enhancing my computer skills. My greatest source of information came from a book called “Irrigation and Nature” because it provided more information then what it was supposed to be focused on. Here is one question that I still have how can I come up with a solution that can give plants and vegetables the amount of water they deserve because many farmers have had trouble with this based on their unequal ways of distributing water systems. My next step is to resolve the problem and I will help myself with some research for some good ideas and come up with the rest. My biggest challenge has been struggling with research on my topic because the computer is not all knowing. My greatest hope is to resolve this problem faced by many farmers and have theeeee! outstanding presentation of all time. happy smile




There are many types of mechanics from a motor mechanic all the way to an air craft mechanic but all have the same concept and idea.
The wage also varies depending on the employer and the type of mechanic from
wages like 12 dollars  per hour all the way the way to wages up to 35 dollars an hour. Working as a mechanic is usually hands on but most of the work asks for using
your brain and some experience. Working as a mechanic can be a fast paced environment at times can be very loud and at times can be the quietest place around. There are many different degrees for a mechanic and the  most likely to get a job are those how have a diploma to obtain this you must follow up your education, the path you take might vary but at the end you have to have a high school education for you to proceed on to post secondary. Employment of a mechanic is expected to grow 9 percent from 2010 to 2020. Did you know it takes a mechanic three to four years for them to be fully experienced and  did you know you probably can  get a job all over Canada which Is useful unlike some jobs.

I am interested In this career because I want to do what I love and be able to get some good money. This job can be described as a burger the inner goodness represents hands on work and being able to use your hand to make and fix different objects, I see my self characterized by this because I have always had a magnetic desire fore this type of work, and for the outer bun being able to use your brain and figure things out witch I must say I am fairly good at. My main concern is that I might not find the job suitable for me and end up wasting both time and money. I see myself as a successful worker whether it might be a mechanic a doctor, engineer or what ever might cross my path in the bright future because if I try hopefully it will be all right not saying I believe I can fly.

 i am an alien from translearze i bring you all the cheese you have aver seen with one
objective i moustache you  to say why so simple minded with the education system
use your five senses to learn there are many ways to learn so please schools please
stop killing people creativity. i liked the part in the video when they used a factory as
an example of drilling things in peoples mind with only one way instead of different
creative way to gain the same objective and what’s to loose the whole point of the
education system is to have people in society who will be reproductive to the economy
creating a better country and better lives for them selfs.

different ways to learn are both better fore the student and interest of the country
but this raises a question how much creativity should be aplied it should not be the
only obgective is to have fun with out reproducing a valied working peace so have some
cheese i moustache you good by.